Always a market leader in cover design – and promotional gimmicks – DC Comics are producing not one acetate cover, but two acetate covers on each of their main titles in November. The outer cover will be a ‘DC Villains’ cover while underneath you will find a second ‘DC Heroes’ cover. At what cost? Standard price. Absolutely brilliant!

There is one small problem though… they have to take orders an extra month ahead as it will take additional time to get them printed. Hence, there are two issues of their titles solicited this month. Hopefully this will not cause a financial issue for anyone this month, but if it does, then please contact us.

I love gimmick covers and I am looking forward to November already!

Joker / Harley: Criminal Sanity

Biff’s Pick: DC Comic of the Month

For me, the best of all the new one-shots and miniseries this month is… (drumroll) Joker / Harley: Criminal Sanity, a new nine-issue miniseries. This series takes place aside from the current DC continuity and resets the characters with a fresh take on Harley’s first meeting with the Joker, trying to find a way to use psychiatry to ‘cure’ his insanity.

Note that there are another two Joker comics on offer (Joker: Killer Smile #1 and Joker: Year of the Villain #1). Could there be a Joker film on it’s celluloid way?

A new Birds of Prey series also begins in October. Written by Brian Azzarello, I am expecting good things. Previous Birds of Prey series have never quite ‘taken off’ in the past. Still, maybe a new film might boost it’s chances… oh, did I foregt to mention there will be a Birds of Prey film too?

Ghost Rider

Biff’s Pick: Marvel Comic of the Month

I know there are a squillion Spider-Man titles (ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration… it’s only about half-a-squillion), but there will now be an Amazing Mary Jane one too!

I was there, picking up Amazing Spider-Man #25 (Volume One) way back in 1965, and I have loved Mary Jane’s portrayal ever since – even when she recently nipped over to the Iron Man series. Admittedly, I had to wait until issue Amazing Spider-Man #42 for her full introduction, but she was a confident, sassy, intelligent young woman and would be perfect for a more grounded comic with less emphasis on the spandex. My fingers are crossed that this series treats her with respect, and I will be there for the first story arc, hoping for more after that.

My second pick is the new shot at Ghost Rider. For some reason, I never got fully wrapped up in the character, but I enjoyed Marvel Spotlight #5 when he was first introduced and would dip in and out of the continuing series that started in 1973 and lasted for eighty-one issues, finishing in 1983. The second main series started in 1990, managing ninety-three issues and finishing in 1998. Since then, there have been numerous miniseries and attempted re-launches with little success, despite a half decent film. This new series has both Johnny Blaze as the King and Guardian of Hell while upstairs on Earth, his brother Danny Ketch is Ghost Rider – and still none to happy about it. I have high hopes for this one. If it pulls on the great history of the title then it will be all systems go!

The Marked

Biff’s Indie Pick

The Marked by David Hine and Brian Haberlin is the story of a group of cool, young, tattooed individuals. The tattoos are of magical glyphs that protect the world from ancient mystical evil forces, but with no conflicts to face, the tattooed use their powers solely in the pursuit of pleasure… until one of them creates a hybrid sorcery and then all manner of trouble is let loose. Looks good and sounds very promising from two seasoned professionals.

Mission for the month:

Summer is now here and sunshine galore – I hope – is tempting you out. Enjoy the weather and the light. Read your book in the park, on a riverside bench or in your back garden / yard. With the wealth of Pride marches taking place, maybe we should have a ‘Comic Reader and Proud’ march?