Spawn #300

There are two upcoming milestones I’d like to draw your attention to this month. Firstly, Todd McFarlane’s Spawn reaches issue #300, a feat for an indie comic previously held by Dave Sim’s Cerebus. However, while Sim ended Cerebus at this junction, Spawn will sail past that bridgehead and make itself the longest running independently published comic of all time! I was trading when Spawn #1 came out, so I have bought multiple copies of every single issue (I was a bit late in trading to buy every Cerebus issue!)

The second milestone for me is my impending 40th trading anniversary, now only 18 months away. I had better not forget it as my daughter Katie was born the same year! July 4th 2020 – the countdown is beginning…

Batman #232 (Facsimile Edition)

DC copy Marvel shock

Normally the industry leader with production, variants, and promotional ideas, DC Comics have actually copied Marvel’s ‘Facsimile’ line and have two of their own solicited this month – House of Secrets #92 and Batman #232 (featuring the first appearance of Ra’s al Ghul). DC had previously reprinted key issues nearly two decades ago in the year 2000 as the ‘DC Comics Millennium Editions’. All of these reprints had a lovely gold logo on the top left of the cover. This series did include House of Secrets #92, but no Batman #232!

Talking of quirky covers, DC are, once again, publishing some desirable variant covers. Their recent foil covers sold so well, they are now producing card stock covers on a large number of their titles. The only downside is that these cost a dollar more than the standard covers, whereas the foil covers were regular price. Still, I am looking forward to these durable releases.

Batman / Superman

Batman and Superman …again

First, we had the sublimely wonderful World’s Finest series that started back in 1941, running until 1986 – a glorious 323 issue run. Admittedly Batman and Superman did not take over until #71, but had appeared in previous issues. Then in 2003 we were gifted with Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness’s Superman / Batman series that ran for 87 issues until 2011. While not as kooky as World’s Finest, it featured great stories about the iconic team. In 2013 we were presented with Batman / Superman (notice the switch?), a series that missed the charm and skill of the previous two series team-up titles, and lasted a mere 32 issues until 2016.

Now, a new Batman / Superman series is due, written by Joshua Williamson, whose credits include most of the current Flash run as well as various Justice League and Batman issues. He has a tough job, but I hope he brings back the magic of the best team in DC herodom. I will be there for the first arc at the very least.


Among the Indies

The title that garnered the most interest amongst you Acers last month was the Dynamite re-launch of Vampirella! This character, first published by Warren Publishing from 1969 to 1983, with a final issue about five years later, has always remained a firm favourite with all comic readers. Some of this is to do with the incredibly alluring way she is portrayed, but the level of art and writing has always continued to be strong as the character moved to Harris Publications, and now Dynamite. The series’ celebration of Vampirella’s 50th anniversary has really peaked the collective interest. Catch a copy if you are brave enough!

Mission for the month:

Have a great summer holiday, mini-break or maybe just spend a week re-bagging and cataloguing your collection. Partners are not so keen on that last option though!