New Series and One-Shots

Sea of Stars #1

“Lost in the Wilds of Heaven,” part one.

Being a space trucker sounds like a cool job, but in reality, it can be boring as hell. So when recently widowed Gil gets a long-haul gig across the universe, he figures it’s safe enough to bring his young son Kadyn along for the ride-that is, until their “big rig” gets bitten in half by a gigantic Space Leviathan! Now separated from his son – with a breached suit that’s venting oxygen at an alarming rate – Gil must defy the odds and stay alive long enough to rescue Kadyn. But meanwhile, Kadyn seems to be getting all the help he needs from a talking Space Monkey riding a Space Dolphin… or maybe it’s the strange powers he’s suddenly manifesting?!

From the writing duo of Jason Aaron (Southern Bastards, Thor) and Dennis Hallum (Cloak and Dagger, Vader: Dark Visions), with dazzling art by Stephen Green (Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.) and cosmic colours by Rico Renzi (Spider-Gwen), comes a brand-new science fiction series with all the scope and heart of The Neverending Story crossed with the imaginative weirdness of Miyazaki – an intense, galaxy-spanning adventure that’s suitable for fans of all ages!

Unearth #1

Series premiere!

When a flesh-warping disease ravages a remote village in Mexico, a scientific task force travels to the inhospitable area to investigate the contamination. Tracing the source of the disease to a nearby cave system, the team discovers a bizarre, hostile ecosystem and a supernatural revelation from which they may never escape.

This new subterranean nightmare is brought to you by writers Cullen Bunn (Regression) and Kyle Strahm (Spread), and rising-star artist Baldemar Rovas!

Bitter Root: Red Summer Special #1

The first story arc of Bitter Root introduced readers to a family unlike any other. In this special issue, the creators of the critically acclaimed series are joined by a star-studded group of artists for six short stories that explore the history of the Sangerye family. Travel into the past – and to different worlds – to get a special look at a very special family!

Postal: Deliverance #1

New story arc!

Postal returns to find Mark struggling with the responsibilities and horrors of being the new Mayor of Eden, as the newest member of their community has brought his own personal war with him. Mark’s mother, Laura Shiffron, tries to enjoy her retirement in Florida, but violence finds her… and violence might the the only way Laura Shiffron can find peace.

Reaver #1

Series premiere!

The continent of Madaras once promised a new start for settlers, but 200 years after its discovery, the war rages on. Deep within this savage and untamed land, a darkness builds at that must be stopped at all costs. To do so, the Imperials assemble six of its most despicable prisoners – a turncoat, a skin eater, a sorcerer and his bodyguard, a serial killer, and the Devil’s Son – the only ones who can stop the end of the new world. They are Hell’s Half-Dozen.

Join Justin Jordan (Luther Strode) and Rebekah Isaacs (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) for Reaver – a dark, grim fantasy for a post-Game of Thrones world.

Space Bandits #1

Miniseries premiere!

Thena Khole and Cody Blue are among the universe’s most wanted felons. Each the leader of their own criminal ops, they run heists across the galaxies – hopping from ship to ship to fleece everyone inside. But when both women are betrayed by their crews, the bandits only have one thing on their minds: Revenge.

All Boom! Studios Solicitations

  • Sea of Stars #1 Cover A: Green
  • Sea of Stars #1 Cover B: Mignola
  • Unearth #1 Cover A: Rivas (Mature Readers)
  • Unearth #1 Cover B: Strahm (Mature Readers)
  • Reaver #1 (Mature Readers)
  • Space Bandits #1 (of 5) Cover A: Scalera (Mature Readers)
  • Space Bandits #1 (of 5) Cover B: Scalera (Mature Readers)
  • Space Bandits #1 (of 5) Cover C: Legends Variant Chaykin (Mature Readers)
  • Space Bandits #1 (of 5) Cover D: Coipel (Mature Readers)
  • Space Bandits #1 (of 5) Cover E: Pichelli (Mature Readers)
  • Space Bandits #1 (of 5) Cover F: Blank Variant (Mature Readers)
  • Black Science #43 Cover A: Scalera (Mature Readers)
  • Black Science #43 Cover B: Robinson (Mature Readers)
  • Bitter Root: Red Summer Special #1 One-Shot
  • Paper Girls #30
  • Postal: Deliverance #1 Cover A: Sejic (Mature Readers)
  • Postal: Deliverance #1 Cover B: Ienco (Mature Readers)
  • Bad Weekend Hardcover Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • Die Die Die Vol.1 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • Gunning for Hits Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • Prodigy Vol.1 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • Saga Compendium Vol.1 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • Self Made Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • Vindication Vol.1 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • Deadly Class Vol.8: Never Go Back Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • Gasolina Vol.3 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • I Hate Fairyland (Deluxe Edition) Vol.2 Hardcover Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • Outcast by Kirkman and Azaceta Vol.7 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • Analog #6 Cover A: O’Sullivan (Mature Readers)
  • Analog #6 Cover B: O’Sullivan (Mature Readers)
  • Ascender #4 (Mature Readers)
  • Assassin Nation #5 (of 5) (Mature Readers)
  • Beauty #28 Cover A: Haun and Filardi (Mature Readers)
  • Beauty #28 Cover B: Nachlik and Filardi (Mature Readers)
  • Birthright #37
  • Criminal #6 (Mature Readers)
  • Crowded #7 Cover A: Stein Brandt and Farrell
  • Crowded #7 Cover B: Epstein
  • Curse Words #23 Cover A: Browne (Mature Readers)
  • Curse Words #23 Cover B: Browne Interconnected (Mature Readers)
  • Excellence #3
  • Fairlady #4 Cover A: Balboni and Louise
  • Fairlady #4 Cover B: Greenwood and Simpson
  • Farmhand #10 (Mature Readers)
  • Gideon Falls #15 Cover A: Sorrentino (Mature Readers)
  • Gideon Falls #15 Cover B: Kristantina (Mature Readers)
  • Gogor #3
  • Hit-Girl: Season Two #6 Cover A: Parlov (Mature Readers)
  • Hit-Girl: Season Two #6 Cover B: Parlov (Mature Readers)
  • Hit-Girl: Season Two #6 Cover C: Cavenago (Mature Readers)
  • Ice Cream Man #13 Cover A: Morazzo and O’Halloran (Mature Readers)
  • Ice Cream Man #13 Cover B: Craig (Mature Readers)
  • Infinite Dark #8
  • Isola #9 Cover A: Kerschl
  • Isola #9 Cover B: Chen
  • Kick-Ass #16 Cover A: Frusin (Mature Readers)
  • Kick-Ass #16 Cover B: Frusin (Mature Readers)
  • Kick-Ass #16 Cover C: Bengal (Mature Readers)
  • Lazarus Risen #2 (Mature Readers)
  • Little Bird #5 (of 5) (Mature Readers)
  • Man-Eaters #10 Cover A: Miternique
  • Man-Eaters #10 Cover B: Miternique
  • Middlewest #9 (Mature Readers)
  • Monstress #24 (Mature Readers)
  • Oblivion Song by Kirkman and De Felici #17 (Mature Readers)
  • Outer Darkness #8 (Mature Readers)
  • Outpost Zero #11
  • Port of Earth #12
  • Rat Queens #17 (Mature Readers)
  • Realm #15 Cover A: Haun and Filardi (Mature Readers)
  • Realm #15 Cover B: Gorham and Filardi (Mature Readers)
  • Redneck #22 (Mature Readers)
  • Ride: Burning Desire #2 (of 5) Cover A: Brunner (Mature Readers)
  • Ride: Burning Desire #2 (of 5) Cover B: Hillyard (Mature Readers)
  • Rumble #14 Cover A: Black and White Rubin (Mature Readers)
  • Rumble #14 Cover B: Brunner and Renzi (Mature Readers)
  • Section Zero #4 (of 6) Cover A: Grummett and Kesel
  • Section Zero #4 (of 6) Cover B: Dodson
  • Section Zero #4 (of 6) Cover C: Caldwell
  • Skyward #15
  • Sonata #2 Cover A: Haberlin and Van Dyke (Mature Readers)
  • Sonata #2 Cover B: Haberlin and Van Dyke (Mature Readers)
  • Spawn #299 Cover A: McFarlane
  • Spawn #299 Cover B: McFarlane Virgin
  • Spawn #299 Cover C: Black and White McFarlane
  • Thumbs #2 (of 5) (Mature Readers)
  • Unnatural #11 (of 12) Cover A: Andolfo (Mature Readers)
  • Unnatural #11 (of 12) Cover B: Picolo (Mature Readers)
  • Walking Dead #193 (Mature Readers)
  • Warning #9 (Mature Readers)
  • Weatherman Vol.2 #2 Cover A: Fox (Mature Readers)
  • Weatherman Vol.2 #2 Cover B: Robinson (Mature Readers)
  • Witchblade #17 (Mature Readers)
  • Sunstone 2019-2020 Calendar (Mature Readers)
  • Ice Cream Man (S) T-Shirt
  • Ice Cream Man (M) T-Shirt
  • Ice Cream Man (L) T-Shirt
  • Ice Cream Man (XL) T-Shirt
  • Ice Cream Man (XXL) T-Shirt
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  • Walking Dead: Something to Fear Card Game