Secret Wars (HC)


    Secret Wars
    Jonathan Hickman | Esad Ribic | Paul Renaud | Alex Ross
    Marvel Comics, 283 Pages, Colour, Hardcover

    The Marvel Universe is no more! The interdimensional Incursions have eliminated each and every alternate universe one by one. And now – despite the best efforts of the scientists, sages and superhumans – the Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe have collided… and been destroyed! All that exists in the vast empty cosmos is a single, titanic patchwork planet made of the fragmented remains of hundreds of devastated dimensions: Battleworld! And the survivors of this multiversal catastrophe all bend their knee to Battleworld’s master: Doctor Doom! What strange creatures inhabit this world? Which familiar faces will return? And what happens when Battleworld’s various domains go to war? The Marvel Universe is dead – and the victors of the Secret Wars will determine what comes next!

    Collecting Secret Wars (2015) #1-8 and material from Free Comic Book Day 2015: Secret Wars #0.

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