Quantum And Woody Vol.02: Into Security


    Quantum And Woody Vol.2: Into Security
    James Asmus | Ming Doyle | Jordie Bellaire | Jordie Bellaire | Andrew Robinson
    Valiant, 112 Pages, Colour

    So… two superheroes, a clone, and a goat move into a junior two-bedroom…

    Imbued with unpredictable new superpowers in the wake of an energy experiment gone wrong, Eric and Woody Henderson have just had their lives turned upside down – and they need to klang together every 24 hours or else their atoms will disperse. So what do you do when the most annoying person in your life is also the only thing keeping you alive? You move in with him! And his goat. And his barely legal clone girlfriend. Besides, every team of heroes needs a secret headquarters…and this one has a slightly used hot tub. Plus: Quantum gets a job – and meets his first true blue super-villain!

    Collecting Quantum And Woody #5-8 by acclaimed writer James Asmus (Thief of Thieves) and rising star Ming Doyle (Mara), get ready to kiss that security deposit goodbye when the world’s worst superhero team shacks up and breaks loose for an all-new adventure!

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