Marvel’s Mightiest Vol.56: Storm (HC)


    Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes Vol.56: Storm
    Chris Claremont | Christopher Yost | Barry Windsor-Smith | Diogenes Neves
    Marvel Comics, Colour, Hardcover

    Like lightning, Storm strikes! One of comics’ most celebrated characters, she is a thief, a goddess, a queen… and an X-Man. Ororo Munroe has always been a hero torn between two worlds. Now, as the new queen of Wakanda, her past has come back to haunt her! Plagued by one of the X-Men’s greatest enemies, will Ororo’s new ties be the making of her downfall? Assembling an array of her very best stories, this collection will take you to the eye of the storm!

    Collecting Uncanny X-Men #186, #198 and X-Men: Worlds Apart #1-4.

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