Deadpool Vol.08: All Good Things


    Deadpool Vol.8: All Good Things
    Various | Giuseppe Camuncoli
    Marvel Comics, 176 Pages, Colour

    It’s the end of the road for the Merc With a Mouth! And what better way to celebrate the series’ end than to kill Deadpool? Yup, you heard us! First, Deadpool takes a relaxing vacation to the Middle East, where a simple merc job leads to a violent battle with Omega Red and a journey into the Tomb of Scariness with Shiklah! Then, Ultimatum comes at Deadpool for revenge, and he has no choice but to take them on – all of them. Every single guy. And in one final flashback feast, we revisit the Infinity Gauntlet crossover! What would Deadpool do if he got the gauntlet from Thanos? Plus: a slew of bonus stories by special guest writers showcasing Deadpool’s closest friends and allies! Also, SPOILER: Deadpool dies at the end.

    Collecting Deadpool (2012) #41-44 and #250.

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