Bloodshot Vol.03: Harbinger Wars


    Bloodshot Vol.3: Harbinger Wars
    Duane Swierczynski | Barry Kitson | Stefano Gaudiano | Brian Reber | Rob Steen | Mico Suayan
    Valiant, 112 Pages, Colour

    In the deserts outside Las Vegas, Bloodshot has banded together with Project Rising Spirit’s most dangerous escapees. But when the Harbinger Wars erupt all around them, can he shape these super-powered children into a force for good – or are they too far gone? He’ll have to find out the hard way as the opposing forces of PRS and the Harbinger Foundation descend on all sides, bringing about a crucible the likes of which the Valiant Universe has never seen…

    Collecting Bloodshot #10-13 by acclaimed writer Duane Swierczysnki (Birds of Prey) and legendary artist Barry Kitson (Amazing Spider-Man), jump headlong into the uncompromising action of Valiant’s first crossover event right here with an all-new standalone story arc that will redefine the weapon – no, the soldier – no, the hero known only as Bloodshot.

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