Ant-Man: Scott Lang


    Ant-Man: Scott Lang
    David Michelinie | Bob Layton | Various
    Marvel Comics, 168 Pages, Colour

    Meet 2015’s silver-screen sensation in waiting – Scott Lang, the astonishing Ant-Man! To save his daughter, Cassie, Scott is forced to return to a life of crime, stealing Hank Pym’s original costumed identity. But when his noble intentions win the Avengers’ approval, he takes over as the all-new Ant-Man, full-time! Electronics whiz Scott secures a job with Tony Stark, but the size-changing super hero must save Iron Man after a brutal battle with the Hulk. No shrinking violet, Scott holds his own in astonishing adventures with Spider-Man, the Thing and the Avengers. And when Ant-Man and Hawkeye join forces, somebody’s gonna get it!

    Collecting Marvel Premiere #47-48, Iron Man (1968) #131-133 and #151, Avengers (1963) #195-196 and #223, Marvel Team-Up (1972) #103, Marvel Two-In-One (1974) #87, and material from Avengers (1963) #181 and Iron Man (1968) #125.

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