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Archie: Married Life – 10th Anniversary #1

10 Years Later, a landmark moment in Archie Comics history is being revisited!

Archie: The Married Life 10th Anniversary, is a sequel to the headline-making 2009 ‘Archie Wedding’ storyline. The original storyline written by Michael Uslan answered Riverdale’s longest-running question: will Archie marry Betty or Veronica? Fans were treated to two alternate worlds that explored each possibility and Uslan’s sequel picks up both stories ten years later. See how much life has changed for Archie, his family, and the rest of Riverdale in this new and exciting mini-series.

Bad Reception #1

It’s the celebrity wedding of the century, set in an undisclosed, remote location, with no access to wifi, cell phone reception or the outside world. But the dream wedding becomes a nightmare when, one by one, the guests are brutally slaughtered by a serial killer who brands his victims with a hashtag.

Bad Reception is a searing horror story that doubles as a topical, satirical critique on society’s obsession with technology, social media and the cult of celebrity.

Written and drawn by AfterShock’s very own Juan Doe (Dark Ark, American Monster, World Reader)!

Doctor Mirage #1

How do you solve the case of your own death?

Paranormal expert Doctor Shan Fong Mirage was born with the ability to see and speak to the dead – an ability that has mysteriously stopped working. Have her powers failed or is something far more sinister at work? Will she figure out her fate and the fate of the one she loves the most?

Valiant’s gripping supernatural mystery starts here!

Lenore Volume 3 #1

The world’s cutest cadaver! The most lamentable leading lady! The gruesome goth girl herself! The gothic icon Lenore returns at last, in a brand new series from creator Roman Dirge.

A demented pickle hat begins it’s mad killing spree!

Mall #1

Here in the heartland of the U.S. of A., the world has ended! But worry not, because the mall still stands. And within the walls of this consumeristic mecca lies a new world order: box store tribes and name brand gangs, all vying for limited space and resources. So, actually…you can worry! Especially for poor Andre Reed, who, after the assassination of a tribal leader, has to navigate the mad haven to prove his innocence, and prevent the end of world, again!

Omni #1

A young doctor mysteriously acquires superpowers and quickly discovers that she’s not the only one. There are people all over the planet Igniting with powers, but only her power can answer “why”…

Cecelia Cobbina is a gifted doctor. Vibrant, compassionate and praised by both her peers and her patients. But that was before the incident in Africa. Before she was forced to leave her job at Doctors Without Borders behind. Before she gained the ability to think faster than the speed of light. Overwhelmed with the power to answer almost every question, she must now overcome her own fears and tackle the one code she can’t seem to break: the truth behind the Ignited.

Warrior Nun: Dora #1

Warrior Nun, now a Netflix original series, re-launches this summer for readers of all kinds with a new Nun and new attitude!

The Satanic Panic of the 80s has fallen away to a new wave of rebellious kids in rural Pennsylvania in the 1990s. Dora, a grunge-obsessed teen, is caught in the middle of what appears to be a dark ritual, and is sent away to a secret school by her devoutly religious parents. There, Dora is shocked to find a group of nuns that fight against the forces of evil – but when undead horror comes Dora’s way, what will this misfit do to protect herself?

Each issue has a full-length chapter of Dora, then also has a special look into the vaults to celebrate over twenty years of Warrior Nun with ultra-rare stories and art!

Looking for the next big thing? Have faith in Warrior Nun!

Headless #1

Salem, Massachusetts: 1987. Two teenagers have been found dead, brutally murdered, but not by a man. When gruesome murders become a common occurrence in this sleepy town it is evident that the Headless Horseman has returned!

Two brothers, having recently arrived in Salem, find themselves in a centuries-old battle between the Knights Templar (whose task it is to banish all magic from Salem) and the Headless Horseman, the one originally responsible for turning the women of Salem into witches. All Hell breaks loose when the brothers discover they are closer to his true identity than they realize…

Necromancer’s Map #1

A ‘Songs For The Dead’ story: Bethany, the necromancer with a heart of gold, and Elissar, her prone-to-brawling companion, are off to find the Covenant – a sanctuary for Bethany’s otherwise reviled magic. Unfortunately, their map makes no sense. Seeking the help of a young wizard named Jonas, whose knowledge may unravel the map’s secrets, Bethany and Elissar discover a mysterious illness plaguing The Foggard temple, home to the ancient order of mages. Double-unfortunately, Bethany and Elissar are not on the best of terms following the recent and violent encounter at Boulder’s Envy.

  • Eternal Thirst of Dracula: Book 2 #1

Eternal Thirst of Dracula: Book 2 #1

The indie horror event of 2018 returns with a brand-new chapter featuring a cover by the legendary comics artist Michael (I Vampire) Kaluta!

Return to 1970’s grindhouse horror as Van Hauser and Kandy Brick come to terms with the truth… that Count Dracula is real, and he has his sights set on them! Following the horrific confrontation on Dracula’s Philippine Islands sanctuary, the king of the vampires desperately searches for a way to halt the threat of the “tainted ones,” and that means uncovering the original journals of Abraham Van Helsing, now in the possession of Van Helsing’s great, great, grandson, “B” horror movie star, Van Hauser! This is horror the way it was meant to be!

  • Land That Time Forgot (1975) #1

Land That Time Forgot (1975) #1

Journey with us back in time to the groovy era of the ’70s when magazine sized graphic novels roamed the Earth and fans thrilled to the Edgar Rice Burroughs’ film, The Land That Time Forgot, in theaters!

Tyler Bowen is lost in a world of prehistoric terrors and creatures of legend. But he’s not alone, for a submarine of German soldiers has also become stranded here, bringing modern monsters into the primeval world.

The incredible story is collected here in beautiful black and white for the first time in over four decades!

  • Planet Caravan #1

Planet Caravan #1

The newest entry in the new ‘Binge!’ imprint where Scout releases a World Premiere issue followed by the entire story a few months later in one volume!

Jason is the last of his army on the surface of an enormous planet, with his massive permanent mecha-suit – a sentient death-machine called “Love” – as his only companion. The armies of several planets and corporations have clashed there, annihilating each other over the resources of the planet in a seemingly neverending war. Jason’s only desire is to make it home to his wife, Grace. After a long and dangerous journey, he will find a way back to Earth… and to an awful truth.

  • Show's End #1

Show’s End #1

Equal parts brutal and beautiful, Show’s End takes place in Georgia during the 1920s and follows Loralye, a 12-year-old runaway seeking refuge with a traveling group of freak show performers. At first, she isn’t welcomed for being too “ordinary.” But what her new found family doesn’t know, is that Loralye is hiding a secret more freakish than anyone could ever imagine!

New Series, One-Shots and First Volume Graphic Novels

    Action Lab – Danger Zone

  • Amalgama: Space Zombie #1 Cover A: Young (Mature Readers)
  • Amalgama: Space Zombie #1 Cover B: Young Risque (Mature Readers)
  • Amalgama: Space Zombie #1 Cover C: Maccagni (Mature Readers)
  • Amalgama: Space Zombie #1 Cover D: Maccagni Risque (Mature Readers)
  • Amalgama: Space Zombie #1 Cover E: Tmchu (Mature Readers)
  • Amalgama: Space Zombie #1 Cover F: Tmchu Risque (Mature Readers)
  • Amalgama: Space Zombie #1 Cover G: Chatzoudis (Mature Readers)
  • Amalgama: Space Zombie #1 Cover H: Chatzoudis Risque (Mature Readers)

    Action Lab Entertainment

  • Adventure Finders: Edge of Empire #1
  • Herald Lovecraft and Tesla: Bundles of Joy #1
  • Princeless – Book 9: Love Yourself #1

    Aftershock Comics

  • Bad Reception #1 Cover A: Doe
  • Oberon Vol.1 Graphic Novel
  • Volition Vol.1 Graphic Novel

    Alterna Comics

  • Cyko Ko Vol.2 #1
  • Red Koi #1 (of 2) (Mature Readers)

    American Mythology Productions

  • Casper’s Ghostland #1 100th Issue Anniversary Blank Sketch Cover
  • Casper’s Ghostland #1 100th Issue Anniversary Party Time Cover
  • Etneral Thrist of Dracula 2 #1 (Mature Readers)
  • Etneral Thrist of Dracula 2 #1 Brides Nude Cover (Mature Readers)
  • Filbert Factor #1 Rejected by Free Comic Book Day Cover
  • Land That Time Forgot: 1975 #1
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle: Best of Dudley Doright #1
  • Rocky and Bullwinkle: Best of Dudley Doright #1 Limited Retro Cover
  • Three Stooges (Four Color – 1942) #1
  • Three Stooges (Four Color – 1942) #1 Limited Edition Black and White Photo Cover
  • Zorro: Century of Swashbuckling #1 Cover A: Bell
  • Zorro: Century of Swashbuckling #1 Cover B: Limited Edition Toth
  • Zorro: Sacrilege #1 Wolver Jane Signed Cover

    Amulet Books

  • Earth Before Us Vol.1: Dinosaur Empire Graphic Novel
  • Flash – Crossover Crisis Vol.1: Green Arrow’s Perfect Shot Hardcover Graphic Novel
  • Lumberjanes Vol.1: Unicorn Power

    Archie Comics

  • Archie by Nick Spencer Vol.1 Graphic Novel
  • Archie: Married Life – 10 Years Later #1 Cover A: Parent
  • Archie: Married Life – 10 Years Later #1 Cover B: Bone
  • Archie: Married Life – 10 Years Later #1 Cover C: Francavilla
  • Archie: Married Life – 10 Years Later #1 Cover D: Hack
  • Archie: Married Life – 10 Years Later #1 Cover E: Lopresti

    Aspen Comics

  • Aspen Universe: Decimation Vol.1 Graphic Novel
  • Eternal Soulfire Vol.1 Graphic Novel
  • Idolized Vol.1 Graphic Novel

    Avatar Press

  • Crossed: Plus 100 Vol.1 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • Warrior Nun Dora #1 Battle Ready Cover
  • Warrior Nun Dora #1 Crimson Nun Leather Cover
  • Warrior Nun Dora #1 Feudal Age Cover
  • Warrior Nun Dora #1 Middle Ages Cover
  • Warrior Nun Dora #1 Napoleonic Era Cover
  • Warrior Nun Dora #1 Regular Cover
  • Warrior Nun Dora #1 Timeless Cover
  • Warrior Nun Dora #1 Unleashed Cover
  • Warrior Nun Dora #1 Victorian Era Cover
  • Warrior Nun Dora #1 Viking Age Cover
  • Warrior Nun Dora #1 World War II Cover
  • Warrior Nun Dora #1 Wrap Cover

    Black Mask Comics

  • Space Riders Vol.1: Vengeful Universe Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)

    Blackbox Comics

  • Psycho Test #1


  • Destiny Comic Collection Vol.1 Hardcover Graphic Novel

    Cartoon Books

  • Rasl (Color Edition) Vol.1: Drift Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)

    Devil’s Due

  • Squarriors Vol.1: Spring (New Print) Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)

    Digital Manga Distribution

  • Today’s Ulterior Motives Vol.1 (of 2) Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)

    Drawn and Quarterly

  • Fielder #1 (Mature Readers)

    Fantaco Enterprises

  • Infinite Punishment: Escape From Hell #1 Cover A

    Ghost Ship

  • World’s End: Harem Fantasia Vol.1 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • World’s End: Harem Vol.1 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)


  • Omni #1 Cover A: McKone (Mature Readers)
  • Omni #1 Cover B: Richardson (Mature Readers)

    It’s Alive

  • Red Range: Pirates of Fireworld #1 Cover A: Jok
  • Red Range: Pirates of Fireworld #1 Cover B: Mark Olson
  • Red Range: Pirates of Fireworld #1 Cover C: N Steven Harris
  • Red Range: Pirates of Fireworld #1 Cover D: Ramon Perez
  • Red Range: Pirates of Fireworld #1 Cover E: Chris Schenck
  • Red Range: Pirates of Fireworld #1 Cover F: Bozic
  • Red Range: Pirates of Fireworld #1 Cover G: Talajic

    Keenspot Entertainment

  • Superior AOC #1 Cover A: Mel Joy San Juan
  • Superior AOC #1 Cover B: Blank Sketch
  • Superior AOC #1 Cover C: Cucca
  • Superior AOC #1 Cover D: Cucca
  • Superior AOC #1 Cover E: Remulac
  • Superior AOC #1 Cover F: Lenticular

    Lion Forge

  • Infinity 8 Vol.1: Love and Mummies Hardcover Graphic Novel

    Mad Cave Studios

  • Midnight Task Force Vol.1: Hidden Voices Graphic Novel
  • Show’s End #1

    One Peace Books

  • Hinamatsuri Vol.1 Graphic Novel


  • Geeky Fab Five Vol.1: It’s Not Rocket Science Graphic Novel
  • Geeky Fab Five Vol.1: It’s Not Rocket Science Hardcover Graphic Novel
  • Hotel Transylvania Vol.1: Kakieland Katastrophe Hardcover Graphic Novel
  • Loud House Vol.1 3-in-1 Graphic Novel
  • Smurfs Vol.1 3-in-1 Graphic Novel
  • Smurfs: The Village Behind the Wall Vol.1 Graphic Novel
  • Smurfs: The Village Behind the Wall Vol.1 Hardcover Graphic Novel
  • Trolls Vol.1 3-in-1 Graphic Novel

    Project H

  • Makunouchi (Deluxe) Vol.1 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)

    Scout Comics

  • Headless #1
  • Planet Caravan #1

    Seven Seas Entertainment

  • Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest Zero Vol.1 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • Become You Vol.1 Graphic Novel
  • Brave Tuber Vol.1 Graphic Novel
  • Uzaki Chan Wants to Hang Out Vol.1 Graphic Novel

    Silver Sprocket

  • Please Keep Warm Collection Vol.1: This Must Be Place Graphic Novel

    Source Point Press

  • Norah Vol.1 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • Rot Vol.1 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)

    Starburns Industries Press

  • Hellicious Vol.1 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)


  • Fourth Generation Head: Tatsuyuki Oyamato Vol.1 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)

    Titan Comics

  • Lenore Volume III #1 Cover A: Graley
  • Lenore Volume III #1 Cover B: Dirge
  • Lenore Volume III #1 Cover C: Blank
  • Rivers of London Vol.1: Body Work Graphic Novel
  • Snowpiercer Vol.1: The Escape Hardcover Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)


  • Disney’s Descendants: Evie’s Wicked Runway Vol.1 Graphic Novel
  • Disney’s Descendants: Rotten to the Core Vol.1 Graphic Novel
  • Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey (Manga) Vol.1 Graphic Novel

    Udon Entertainment

  • Stravaganza Vol.1 Graphic Novel

    Valiant Entertainment

  • Doctor Mirage #1 (of 5) Cover A: Tan
  • Doctor Mirage #1 (of 5) Cover B: Ingranata
  • Doctor Mirage #1 (of 5) Cover C: Robles
  • Doctor Mirage #1 (of 5) Cover E: Blank
  • Doctor Mirage #1 (of 5) Cover F: Variant
  • Unity Vol.1 (New Print) Graphic Novel

    Vault Comics

  • Mall #1 Cover A (Mature Readers)
  • Mall #1 Cover B (Mature Readers)
  • Necromancer’s Map #1 Cover a
  • Necromancer’s Map #1 Cover B

    Viz Media

  • Ikigami: Ultimate Limit Vol.1 Graphic Novel (Mature Readers)
  • My Hero Academia: Smash Vol.1 Graphic Novel

    Yen on

  • Combatants Will Be Dispatched Vol.1 Graphic Novel
  • Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt Vol.1 Graphic Novel
  • Last Crusade: Rise New World Vol.1 Graphic Novel
  • Survived Alchemist with a Dream of Quiet Town Life Vol.1 Graphic Novel

    Yen Press

  • Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks Vol.1 Graphic Novel
  • Overlord: A La Carte Vol.1 Graphic Novel
  • Phantom Tales of the Night Vol.1 Graphic Novel
  • Reborn as a Polar Bear: Legend of How I Became a Forest Guardian Vol.1 Graphic Novel

    Zenescope Entertainment

  • Van Helsing vs Dracula’s Daughter #1 (of 5) Cover A: Coccolo
  • Van Helsing vs Dracula’s Daughter #1 (of 5) Cover B: Riverio
  • Van Helsing vs Dracula’s Daughter #1 (of 5) Cover C: Otero
  • Van Helsing vs Dracula’s Daughter #1 (of 5) Cover D: Royle
  • Van Helsing vs Dracula’s Daughter #1 (of 5) Cover E: Colapietro
  • Van Helsing vs Dracula’s Daughter #1 (of 5) Cover F: Blank Sketch
  • Watcher #1 (of 3) Cover A: Mastrazzo (Mature Readers)
  • Watcher #1 (of 3) Cover B: Anacleto (Mature Readers)
  • Watcher #1 (of 3) Cover C: Blank Sketch (Mature Readers)