For my ‘Bit’ this month, I have decided to hand the reigns over to one of our amazing customers who shared his thoughts and memories of Ace Comics on social media and brought a tear to this old feller’s eye:

So, I was 14 when I first got the train from Sudbury to Colchester. Walked into town and headed for Museum street. My mission, to buy comics. And there on the corner a small comic shop. It was 1983, possibly early 1984. Pretty much most of the comics I was reading and were coming out around that period are affecting and influencing the comic book world to this day. Exciting times indeed. I strolled into the small shop. I remember the friendly knowledgeable chap behind the counter that welcomed me in. My focus was anything 2000AD and I also picked up Frank Miller’s Ronin (still have them too)- I should say Biff steered me toward things he thought might be of interest.

It’s now 36 years later. I’m still rocking up there every now and then, and buying online – oh and monthly subs. There have been periods where my collecting and enjoyment of comics has waned. Some things are better these days (the diversity of titles and genres and characters) and some things are worse (titles getting axed and re-launched over and over). I still trawl the back issues and find hidden gems and comics I seem to have lost / sold / misplaced over the years. There’s some regrets too. I sold my Alan Davis original cover painting for The Daredevils #9 to Biff (at a point when no one knew how collectible comic art would become and how sought after Davis art would be). But I also know it went to a good home. I look forward to my infrequent trips down the A12, the same old enthusiasm and love for the medium, the comics themselves the talent, artistry and hard work within those pages. The mythos and history. The tales behind the scenes. And knowledgeable in all these areas, our friendly neighbourhood comic retailer Martin. A few friends from work speak highly of their visits to Ace. My brother still regularly goes in (and spends more money than I do …lol) and I sometimes take my son along too. I’d like to think his current interest in comics will continue to grow and he’ll soon be making his own trips and purchases.

ACE Comics pretty much has something for everyone. I’ve been to many comic shops but absolutely none are as good as ACE. I’m looking forward to an invite for drinks on that magic 40 years of trading! Anyone reading this… do you know anyone who can speak so fondly of a shop they’ve been going to for nearly 40 years? To my mind that speaks volumes about the service, quality, care, knowledge and friendliness of the team at ACE. Get yourselves along there soon. There are treasures to be found within. 36 years went really quickly too!!!

It’s words like these that reaffirm we are doing something right, something worthwhile and something that is appreciated …and that our customers truly are some of the nicest folk you will ever encounter.

Mission for the month:

It’s all too common in this day and age for people to complain when receiving poor levels of service, but it’s not as common for people to compliment a job well done. So your mission, should you choose to accept, is to pass on some positive thoughts – you might just make someone’s day.